Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Mike and I were originally planning on heading to
St. George for Memorial Day, but circumstances
changed and instead we made our annual trek
up to Glenn and Jeff's graves. It's always
a wonderful event when we gather together
and take a few minutes to remember those
two dear men and enjoy the company of those
who loved them as we do.
Dear Johnnie Belle couldn't join us as she is
still recuperating from her broken hip....the
first time she hasn't been there since their passing.

The kids love this time where they can
roam free on the lawn, enjoy the great visual
images of all the flowers, learn a little about their
great grandpa and great uncle and just
have fun together.

They sense that this is a special time and
are fascinated by the whole experience.

And Ezzie got to hone his newly acquired
walking skills on a new and rough terrain!

It seemed sad that we had no place to go
to honor my sweet Mom on this first
Memorial Day without her. I remember going to
the cemetery with Mom and Dad as a child in Cheyenne,
taking flowers to Grandpa Ausman, Auntie and
Aunt Katie's gravesites. So we decided to just find
a site of our own to honor her on that day.
We got a bunch of balloons and a small bouquet of
flowers. Each man, woman and child told one thing
they remembered about Grandma Billie and then
all at once released our balloons to send our
love and good thoughts heaven-ward to let
her know we were remembering and honoring her
memory on this day.

Somehow it just felt right....

Monday, May 28, 2012

Baseball, BBQ's and Ballet in May

With the arrival of Spring came lots of
fun events that we have been able to be a part of.
Minie, Poppy and Greta go to the same
dance school and consequently we were able
to see all three of these lovely dancers
in their Spring Recital at one time.
Here you see them after they have been
showered with flowers from their
adoring public....

And it's no wonder...with performances like these!!

It was a rather long performance but well worth
the wait to see these little stars.

May seemed a little too early for evening cook-outs
up the canyon but Brad and Vanessa's invitations
to their backyard cook-outs were PERFECT!
They recently moved to American Fork and have
worked hard on their yard, acquired a swingset,
made a square foot garden, and made great use of
their fire pit. The perfect hosts, they even set up
the large outdoor screen for an outdoor movie
night that the kids loved!!

Dress-ups are always somehow a part of any event
involving these four....

And it wouldn't be spring without baseball!!
Unfortunately, with my work schedule, I
was only able to attend one of Jude's games.
But he has improved leaps and bounds in one
year and he ALWAYS makes me proud!

Jude always has lots of support from the peanut gallery.
Heck, half the fun is who is watching the game with you!

Poor little Gretsie...her bout with Fifths Disease left her
ultra sensitive to the sun so she has had to do long sleeves
and pants and a broad billed hat to avoid terrible hives.
Sweet girl refuses to let anything slow her down!
All in all it has been a great May. So, bring on
the lazy, hazy days of summer!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two Tiny Miracles

Words can not begin to express the tender experiences I was so blessed to be a part of these past two weeks.  We all knew that Brooke and Paige's babies were due on the same day but somehow in my mind I thought they wouldn't really arrive so close together.  I imagined having time to be with one and then going off to be with the other....you know, the "I can do it all" misconception that we women operate under most of the time.  Silly, silly Nannie!!

After some truly impressive "work" on Sandi's part, little Miss Billie Elizabeth arrived in the wee hours of the morning on April 17th.  Being named after her Great-Grandma Billie was such a sweet and thoughtful tribute and her entrance was nothing short of astonishing.  All that beautiful dark hair and that sweet little angel face.  Dustin assisted with the delivery, Brooke barely looked as if she had been phased by the experience and little Billie was welcomed into the loving arms of her anxiously awaiting family of sisters. Paige was right there in the delivery room via i-pad and watched the whole experience as if she were right there with us all. I was so lucky to be there for Brooke's delivery and to be able to have Minie and Poppy with me for a couple of nights.  I was able to run the girls back and forth to see Baby Sis in the hospital and listen to all the new big sister talk and see all the new baby sister cuddles.

(He's in the medical field!!)

In the meantime, in California Paige thinks she "might" be in labor and decides to make the trek to the hospital on the evening of April 18th (luckily Lisa was able to come stay with Brig). We get a text saying she is going to be checked and then that they are keeping her and then that her water broke and then that she has had the baby....all within about 2 hour's time!!  In fact, so quickly that the epidural hadn't taken effect in time and she basically had natural childbirth with a little epidural for the "stitching up" process.  Beautiful Baby Dexter William was in a very big hurry to join his cousin Billie on this side of the veil.  Poor little Paige was in SHOCK and said there was NOTHING pleasant about his entrance into the world.  Nate barely noticed Dex's delivery he was so concerned about Paige and the "in-human" sounds coming out of her.  Mike and I were in the delivery room via i-pad moments after Dex was born and it wasn't long before Paige and Dex were cuddled together and all was right in the world.

We shuttled Mins and Pop-tart off to Grandma Alice and Grandpa Steve and I scooted off to the airport the next morning to relieve Lisa and assist Paige.  I was there for Brig's introduction to baby brother and witnessed Brig's very quick switch from "what is that in the blanket?" to "holy cow, I love him!!" I was so blessed to be able to be with Paige for that first week and watch as their family became "Clark:  Party of 4." What a sweet little family that is!

It was a bit of a two-edged sword because I also missed out on being there for Brooke and Billie's first week but true to form, Robyn (also know as the assistant Mom) came to Brooke's rescue and took Minie and Poppy to St. George for the week so Brooke and Billie could recuperate together and have a little "quiet" time.  Bless you, Robyn!  Sometimes I think that Brooke very bravely accepts whatever happens with a sweet attitude and no guile.  I hope to someday grow up to be like her.

In short, I was blessed beyond words to be a part of two very special miracles these past two weeks. We so often take for granted what a miracle it is that all goes well for Mommy's and babies.  THAT has been my prayer since these girls announced to me they were sharing a due date.  Brooke and Paige came to our family as nothing short of perfection.  We have enjoyed every moment we have had with them and it seems only fitting that these two sweet girls of ours would share such a sacred and tender experience with one another.  I just know that Billie and Dex will always have a special relationship.  

Next order of business....get these
two girls and their little one's together so they can smoosh each other's babies.....

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile....

Tiny dancers.....

Birthday girl....

Happy kids....

Babies and messes...

Little cousins that like to shop....

Trips to see my California kids....